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The Black Experience


Spoken Word by Arloa

"The Black Experience"

Our hearts are bruised
From the things you choose
To ignore
To sweep under the stoop

Like an elephant hiding

In a baby's first shoe.

And then we're expected
To live on unprotected
From harm, from the law
From guns pointed at our faces
Like we are the disgraces
On this earth but really,

We're just human.

I'm tired of hearing that we don't belong
To "Go back to where you came from"
So where do I go?

'Cause I came from here

And I wasn't raised to hate or to fear

The unfamiliar. 


I'm tired of the black experience

Being silenced

Getting stuffed in the back pocket 

Of white fragility

Who crumbles at the responsibility

To speak up for change.

Well you say you have "ally fatigue"
As you watch us bleed
From excessive force from society
At the hands of police
Please do believe 

That this continues for centuries

If we don't use our freedom of speech.


Don't forget
That black lives have to matter
In order for all lives to matter
So quit looking to be offended
'Cause we're tired of being apprehended
By a world who sees our skin color
As a threat. 


When really,

Our skin is beautiful and brown like the earth

That we all have shared since the birth

Of this planet

So why is it so hard?

To be equal, civil and kind?

Because that's how the universe was meant to be designed


Can we all just agree

That the world is better when we all can see

That love always wins?

That equality and justice are human rights?

That society crumbles when we continue to fight

Against each other?


Well it's time to unite.

To stand up for equal rights.

Even when it gets hard

Like you might fail in flight

Keep pushing, keep resisting

'Cause your black brothers and sisters

Are tired from just existing.

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